2016 Rate Changes

At Unite, we are constantly upgrading and adding new features to our offerings. Over the last several years we have expanded our reach, upgraded our infrastructure, and we look forward to offering you many new exciting features in the upcoming year. However, as a result, year over year, we have also experienced increased costs. Until now, we have been able to absorb these increases while holding your rates steady. We have not increased your rates for several years. However, starting March 2015 we feel it necessary to have a minor rate adjustment on some of our services so that we may continue to provide you better services with more enhanced features and improvements. We anticipate that we will not need additional adjustments for the next several years. We thank you for being part of the Unite Family and we look forward to an exciting 2016.

Below you will find the services that are effected by the rate increase.  Please feel free to call or email us with any questions.

Service Current Rate Per Month New Rate Per Month
Unite Me $21.95 $23.95
Virtual Attendant $39.95 $41.95
* Unite EMR Fax $24.95 $26.95

*Unite EMR fax package still includes the same number of pages and additional pages are still at the same rate

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