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With many of the same phone services that your business may have currently through a telecom company, Unite is a knockout alternative to Rogers UnisonTM.

Starting at $15.95 Per Month

So, what’s the difference?

Most telecom giants are committed to satisfying their shareholders first. This means launching and discontinuing services at a remarkable pace without thinking about the impact on their clients. At Unite, we’ve supported businesses for 20+ years. For a fraction of the price and a fraction of the headache, we design custom telecommunications solutions that are focused on helping your business grow.

Auto Attendant sounds like a fortune 500 company.

Unite Virtual Attendant

No central office (and no secretary)? No problem. Get the convenience of a professional sounding greeting and call routing without the hassle of hiring staff to switchboard calls. The Unite Virtual Attendant will answer incoming phone calls and direct them to the appropriate name or department that a customer is looking for. Connect quicker and more efficiently with your customers than ever before.

  • Ring multiple devices
  • Take your office with you
  • Transfer calls from your mobile
  • Call from your mobile with your business number
  • Don’t be a slave to long-term contracts
  • and more!

Why Unite?


No obligation

Rogers may offer the same services, but they also require you to be a Rogers customer. Unite your business & avoid the being tied down to the same service provider.



With 20+ years in the telecommunications service industry, we understand that no two companies have the same needs. We’re here to listen to YOU.



We monitor our systems 24/7 and host our servers in the same facilities as the major telephone service providers. Your peace of mind is our priority!

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Many telecom giants have increased their prices over the last 10 years. Unite’s average prices have decreased over the same period of time.

Custom Solutions

Unite provides custom telecommunications solutions designed with your specific needs in mind. With Unite, you get more of what you need and less of what you don’t.



Unite provides a perfect alternative to Rogers UnisonTM.

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TMRogers Unison is a trademark of Rogers Communications