Unite for Clinics

Full-service phone solutions for clinics.

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We are more than fax!

If you’re looking for to improve your clinic’s phone systems and cut down costs, take a moment and get familiar with our communications solutions:

Telephone Services

Our telephone solutions for clinics are flexible, creative, and without the price tag of traditional carriers.

Messaging Solutions

We offer Voicemail-to-Email (so your mailbox doesn’t fill up), Virtual Receptionist to greet and route calls directly to extensions or mobiles, and other solutions for clinics without having to purchase new equipment.


If you ever have the need for a teleconference, we offer a number of teleconferencing solutions that would be tailored to your needs.

Secure Document Delivery  (Coming Feb 2017)

We know that clinics rely heavily on fax, but sometimes you need to provide x-rays or other detailed documents.Unite is launching a new secure messaging service that is 100% compliant with medical privacy standards.

More Fax Solutions

If you’re looking for a standard fax machine to send paper faxes (in addition to our Unite EMR Fax service), we can provide you with a fax line or all-in-one fax/printer for as low as $15.95 per month.