The #1 Hosted PBX Phone System for Business in 2022

The places where we do business are rapidly changing. Companies are considering hybrid workplace scenarios and some are even committing to a fully remote environment. According to a study by career site Ladders, 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022 and that number will continue to increase through 2023.

Remote and hybrid workplaces present a challenge for companies that need to stay in touch with their customers and employees wherever they’re located – at home, in the office or on the road. How can a customer get a hold of an employee if their main phone isn’t always near at hand, whether that’s a cellphone or a landline? How do employees get in touch with one another if they’re always on the move?

A hosted PBX is a great way to keep your staff connected with each other and their clients, no matter where they are, at any time of day, while also saving your business from unnecessary expenses.

What Is A Hosted PBX?

A hosted private branch exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network for a company that is hosted offsite, usually in the cloud. It is sometimes called a virtual PBX and it offers a lot of advantages to both small businesses and large companies. One of the biggest differences with a traditional PBX is that there are few costs because the VoIP service is operated and maintained by the service provider rather than being managed internally by the IT department.

A hosted PBX still lets companies use all the features they’re used to on a traditional phone system like voicemail, fax, automated greetings, conference calls, etc. However, it also offers certain services that traditional PBXs can’t, including routing calls to multiple devices at once, fax to email and emailed voicemail messages.

A conference phone in an office used for HPBX

Key Benefits of Hosted PBX for a Business

A hosted PBX has many benefits for your business compared to a traditional PBX service. Not only does it support all of your employees with an easy-to-use phone system, it also serves your customers better and is more affordable. Your employees can access their business phone number from anywhere on any device at any time they want.

It’s also simple to set up – there’s no downtime or installation costs. Plus, a hosted PBX comes with the service and support expenses built into your monthly cost.

Low setup costs

Because a hosted PBX is a virtual phone system, the initial investment to set it up is very low. You don’t need to buy proprietary hardware and pay for installation. You can use a hosted PBX service on the landlines and cell phones you already have. You also don’t need to worry about dedicating valuable floor space to servers as everything is stored and managed in the cloud on external servers.

Eliminate maintenance costs

Say goodbye to maintenance expenses. Because your phone service is hosted in the cloud, your provider manages and maintains it, saving you valuable time and money. The best part is, if there’s a problem that needs fixing, you’re not on the hook for the cost.

User friendly

Hosted PBX phone services are very simple for end users. There’s no training required. You just use your phone like you normally would.

Ultimate flexibility

With a hosted PBX system, employees can work from anywhere – the office, home or even on the road. They just need a stable Internet connection. Have more than one office? You can connect all your locations seamlessly with the same phone system.

A man working on the go with his cell phone

Peace of mind

Enjoy a secure connection for all your sensitive business communication. A hosted PBX phone system is reliable and is automatically upgraded to further protect your communications whenever your provider has a security update.

Advanced features

A hosted PBX system offers all the features you’re used to, plus incredibly useful functionalities you won’t get with a traditional PBX. Systems offer video conferencing, instant messaging, fax to email, emailed voicemail messages and more.

How Hosted PBX Helps Your Business

Support your workforce

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever before. Gone are the days when all employees at an organization were in the same building from nine to five. Employees today work from home or split their time at the office and sometimes work unconventional hours.

A hosted PBX phone system helps your employees stay connected to clients and colleagues, no matter where they are or what device they have with them. They can take calls on their cell phone, a landline or even their work laptop.

Simple to manage

It’s also very easy to manage. Set up call routing or set a vacation voicemail message directly from your online portal from any device that’s connected to the Internet.

Better customer experience

Make it easy for your customers to reach your employees wherever they are by setting up a single number for each employee across all their devices. Route calls across office phones, smartphones, tables and computers so that it gets answered no matter where your employee is.

Increase productivity

Give your employees the ability to do business wherever they are as long as they have an Internet connection by routing calls to any extension or mobile device.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase quality

Reduce expenses

As mentioned above, there’s no upfront investment in hardware for your phone system with a hosted PBX system. Plus, you’ve gotten rid of maintenance costs and any expenses associated with upgrading your system in the future. That leaves you with more capital to invest in growing your business.

Why Our Hosted PBX Solution Is Perfect for Your Business

Unite Communications offers you standard features you’d expect in any business phone system plus advanced functionalities that the traditional “big” telecommunications companies don’t.

Follow me: Route calls to you wherever you are. Have calls ping one phone or hunt several locations at the same time.

Simultaneous Ring: Calls can ring on multiple devices or extensions at the same time.

Call Schedule: Have calls routed based on the time or day so there’s always someone available to answer.

Call Screening: Handle calls from different people in different ways.

Call Transfer: Route a call quickly and efficiently within your office building or to an employee working from home or on the road.

Extension to Extension Dialing: Reach another employee in your organization, wherever they are, by dialing their extension.

Long Distance: Call within Canada free of charge and enjoy competitive rates to worldwide destinations.

Hot Desking: Use the exact same extension in multiple locations so you can be reached at home or in the office.

Web Portal: Review messages, see recent caller details, and perform administrative functions via the web portal.

Avoid bulky hardware and complex infrastructure with a hosted PBX from Unite Communications. And unlike the big guys, we’ll never lock you into a multiple-year contract.

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