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Sound like you have a central office with:

Virtual Attendant

Your staff are mobile, or working remote. Offer a simple streamlined way to have clients connect with them.

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Cut the wire with old inflexible phone systems:

Hosted PBX

A VoIP service that’s feature rich, flexible, lacks bulky equipment, and lets you make and take calls anytime with any device.

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Connect with colleagues and clients with:

Unite Conferencing

Organize conference calls anytime 24/7/365 on the fly.

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Consolidate various phone numbers into one simple number with:

Unite Me

Get callers automatically rerouted to you no matter where you are. 

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Text enable your existing landline:


150 Million text messages are sent to landlines daily. Capture the ones sent to yours. 

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Send and receive faxes automatically turned into PDFs with:

Unite Fax

Turn faxes into PDFs that can easily be emailed as attachments. Send faxes from any web or email enabled device. 

There’s a simpler way to meet your business needs.

Stay in touch with your clients from wherever you work. Get a virtual phone number,
conferencing solution and virtual attendant, plus 24/7 support with no commitment.