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Is a Cloud-Based Phone System Right for My Business?

Cloud technology has made its way into many aspects of business, from data storage to development platforms. Cloud-based phone systems provide an opportunity for companies to upgrade their existing phone service, but some decision-makers are hesitant to embrace the cloud until they know whether it’s right for their business. Use this guide to learn the answers to the most common questions about cloud-based phone systems.

How does a cloud-based phone system work?

Similar to other cloud-based technology, the vendor sets up and configures the phone system with their resources. The business connects to the cloud-based phone system over the internet to access the service without needing to deploy it on-site.

What makes cloud-based phone systems different from the company’s current solution?

A traditional PBX commercial phone system requires a significant resource investment to house the necessary equipment. The upfront cost is significant, and the company also needs a place to store the hardware. A cloud-based system eliminates the need for PBX equipment, as the cloud provider handles all of the hardware on their end. The setup and configuration process are streamlined due to the cloud, which makes changing settings and features an easy process.

How does a company benefit from adopting a cloud-based phone system?

Cloud-based phone systems incorporate advanced features that would be expensive or impossible to attain through a PBX-based system. Eliminating the upfront equipment purchase makes these systems more accessible to small- and medium-sized companies. Ongoing cost-efficiency comes from working with a vendor that provides continual upgrades and handles maintenance and troubleshooting. Businesses can upgrade and downgrade their service as their needs change, and they can quickly get up and running.

Can companies transfer their numbers to cloud-based systems?

Organizations can seamlessly shift their existing numbers to the new system, eliminating the need to update company materials. Keeping the same number also conveys professionalism to the business’ customers and clients.

Is the cloud reliable?

Cloud-based phone systems often end up being more reliable than on-site PBX systems. Companies that have electrical outages or other disasters occurring at their main headquarters can still access cloud-based phone systems since the equipment is at a different geographical location. This redundancy makes it possible to continue normal phone operations even if the rest of the company’s systems are down.

Will cloud-based phone systems become obsolete shortly?

Cloud-based technology has the advantage of being continually developed by the provider to incorporate the latest innovations. Companies automatically receive improvements to their service whenever they’re added.

Is a cloud-based system right for a small or medium business?

Some companies may rely on a basic business phone or even their personal cell phones to handle their offices’ communication needs. One reason they use this approach is due to the expensive investment required for PBX systems. Cloud-based systems offer product tiers that are suitable for small businesses while giving medium-sized businesses the features they need to continue expanding.

Is your organization interested in seeing the power of cloud-based phone systems for yourself? Whether you want to decrease your voice communication costs, need a professional system for connecting with customers or you’re seeking the flexibility of the cloud, you stand to benefit from adopting this robust technology.

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