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Unite Hosted PBX

Explore a flexible business phone system that lets you operate anywhere using any device

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An advanced business phone system without the contract

Unite’s hosted PBX system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) based phone service that provides your small to medium-sized Canadian business with the advanced calling solutions you need to make your communications more efficient and effective.

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Why Unite Hosted PBX?


Operate with the newest technology without the need for constant upgrades.


Enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere. Take your business phone line with you wherever you go on your iOS, Android, PC or Mac.


Keep your existing
phone numbers.


Add work remotely while having all the functionality of being in the same location.

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With Unite Hosted PBX, many of the traditional features you pay extra for with an alternate provider are included in our package, and many features aren’t even offered by your existing provider. Standard features include call forwarding, three-way calling, name/number display, and voicemail. Take your phone system with you on the go. Make and receive calls via Desktop Telephone, or using a mobile app on a Web Enabled Device wherever you are.

This includes such packaged features as:

Follow Me / Call Hunting

Route calls to you when you’re not in the office. Have calls route to one location or to hunt several locations sequentially.

Simultaneous Ring

Calls can ring on multiple devices or extensions at the same time.

Call Schedule

Have calls routed based on time of the day or day of the week.

Call Screening

Handle calls from different people in different ways.

Call Transfer

Route a call quickly and efficiently within the internal office or to external employees.

Extension to Extension Dialing

Reaching another person in your organization (internal or remote) is as simple as dialing an extension.

Long Distance

Calls within Canada are no charge. Rates to worldwide destinations are competitive.

Hot Desking

Simply enter a code on any of your office phones at any location (even home office) and it becomes your extension.

Web Portal

Review messages, see recent caller details, as well as perform a whole host of administrative functions via the web portal.

Multiple Devices

Use a desk phone, mobile device, or computer to make and receive calls.

Looking for an alternative to a locked-in telecom contract?

Unlike traditional “big” telecom companies, Unite will never lock you into a multiple year contract. The beauty of Unite Hosted PBX is that there is no need for us to provide you bulky hardware or install complex infrastructure within your office. No unnecessary service calls, no hassle, and no waiting if something goes down. Simply call our 24/7 support services for a solution to any problems you may be experiencing with your current services.


Unite provides a perfect alternative to Bell and Telus One Connect, and Rogers UnisonTM
TMRogers Unison is a trademark of Rogers Communications

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