VOIP in Canada – The Best Bell SNR and Rogers UnisonTM Alternative

The landscape of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology is changing rapidly. As companies adapt to various remote and hybrid work environments, new communications strategies are a part of any contemporary organization’s approach. As 97% of workers desire remote work, and roughly 70% of companies around the world offer some form of hybrid or remote work model, it is no surprise that many organizations are turning to VOIP technology for their communications solutions.

While there are numerous VOIP options available to Canadian consumers, we will present how Unite Communications VOIP is a superior alternative to Rogers UnisonTM and Bell SNR.

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Key Benefits of VOIP for your Business

Leveraging a VOIP service can be a highly beneficial choice for business owners of all sizes. One important advantage is an immediate cost reduction, as VOIP is always cheaper than traditional calls, especially when factoring in international calling. With VOIP comes greater reliability, meaning you will have fewer issues in terms of service and will resolve anything that does arise in an expeditious manner. VOIP can increase your team productivity by allowing for various features, including sharing of documentation, in a convenient manner that only requires internet coverage. Additional lines & components can be added to a VOIP service with ease, allowing for far enhanced scalability as you work to expand your business.

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Why Choose Unite VOIP over Bell SNR or Rogers UnisonTM?

Bell SNR and Rogers UnisonTM offer similar business solutions to one another, but both fall short of what Unite provides. When choosing Unite VOIP, you are choosing a superior communications suite & VOIP system compared to our competitors. Unite’s product is not only more reliable, but also more affordable when making the switch from Bell or Rogers. Unite represents a unique space within the Canadian VOIP market, by offering better connectivity and solutions-oriented options at a lower cost.

Bell has increased costs over 350% in the last 12 years, and this trend continues to progress. Unite’s average prices have decreased in that same time, while providing more features for you and your business.

How to Choose the Right VOIP Service & The Unite Difference

When running a business, reliability is paramount in all of the services and products that you incorporate. Here at Unite, not only can we provide you with an easy transition from any current communications system setup you are operating with, but we can ensure that it is more consistent and reliable than anything you have utilized before. We can help you scale your business and ensure your communications are seamlessly integrated into your daily practice. With Unite, you have no commitment or installation of bulky equipment, 24/7 customer support, sophisticated calling features, and the ability to connect employees with ease, regardless of their location.

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Switching to Unite Communications Today

Your business needs a VOIP system that helps you operate and grow to be your best – Unite VOIP is the solution. Contact us today to see what we can offer you.


TMRogers Unison is a trademark of Rogers Communications