The Best Hosted PBX Phone System for Your Small Business for 2024

A reliable and secure phone service is essential for business success. Thanks to widely available reliable high-speed Internet networks, it is now possible for businesses to leverage their existing Internet connection to make secure phone calls with a hosted PBX.

What Is PBX?

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a private telephone network within a company or organization. It allows users to communicate internally with other employees of the company as well as externally with clients, partners, and more. Basically a fancy way of saying big expensive telephone system.

What Is Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX, like the one offered by Unite Communications, is a cloud-based PBX phone system that offers a reliable and secure phone service for a business or organization via the Internet as opposed to a privately managed network that the business owns and operates itself. In other words, a big fancy telecom system without the price, need to install or maintain any equipment! woman is writing

How PBX Works

Modern PBX phone systems use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems to send digital signals to and from users. By leveraging an Internet connection, VoIP technology allows businesses to make simple calls as well as take advantage of the most advanced and convenient features of PBX phone systems, like voicemail to email. The hosted PBX system converts an incoming call into a digital signal and manages it just like any other piece of digital information. This is what allows a digital PBX system to route incoming calls to almost any device. In the days of proprietary PBX systems, a company would need to invest heavily in setting up the system with expensive equipment as well as constantly maintain and update the system. These systems were typically customized to the particular business and it would be hard to move away from if the company decided to change its telecommunications strategy. On the other hand, a hosted PBX requires very little upfront investment. The infrastructure is set up and managed via the cloud by the service provider and the calls can be routed to devices the company already owns and uses. An organization simply pays a monthly fee to use the hosted PBX. Any maintenance or updates are done by the service provider, eliminating the need to hire and train in-house IT specialists.

How Hosted PBX Can Help Small Businesses

For small businesses, cost savings and flexibility are crucial to success. And it’s equally important to stay in touch with partners, colleagues and clients on a stable and reliable connection. Hosted PBX gives you all the upside of PBX with none of the downside. man is writing

Hosted PBX Helps Businesses Cut Costs

As mentioned above, on-site phone systems are extremely costly for a couple of reasons. The first is that you need to purchase a lot of equipment up front. This is valuable capital you could be spending elsewhere in your business. What’s more, small business owners and employees don’t spend their entire day behind a desk near a landline. Hosted PBX allows you to receive a call on equipment you already own, like a cell phone, landline, laptop or desktop. Hosted PBX goes even further than traditional PBX services. It offers the same real-time voice and collaboration experience as a traditional PBX as well as advanced calling features for just one monthly fee. Finally, you eliminate your maintenance costs with a hosted PBX and you don’t have to deal with equipment failures or updates. All the back-end equipment is owned and maintained by the service provider so you don’t ever have to think about it.

Features of Hosted PBX Systems

As mentioned above, hosted PBX systems come with a wide range of standard and advanced features. Here are some of the most interesting:

Extension dialing

A hosted PBX phone system allows you to establish a single telephone number for your business and assign phone extensions to your employees. This greatly simplifies things for anyone trying to reach your business as they only have to know one number.

Business hour settings

If someone tries to reach your business outside of business hours, you can route that call to a different phone number. This would allow you to redirect calls to branches that are still open in other time zones or to a 24/7 customer support line. dialing in

Caller queues

Everyone can agree that waiting on hold is less than ideal. However, it helps to know how long the wait time is. With a PBX phone system, you can let callers know how long they’ll likely be on hold before they can get through to someone. This can improve your customer service by managing expectations and encouraging people to stay on the line.

Call conferencing

Conference calls are a key component of communication for any business. A hosted PBX system gives you the ability to easily set up conference calls to streamline meetings, improving workflow and productivity.


Because a hosted PBX phone system uses the Internet to receive incoming calls, users can set up the system to receive incoming voicemails as an email sent automatically to their inbox while also saving the voicemail in its original form on a phone. This makes it easy to check your voicemail no matter where you are or what device you’re working on.

Call recording

A hosted PBX phone system allows you to easily record incoming and outgoing phone calls. This can help train new customer service employees as well as archive phone calls for future reference. pc

Why Unite Is the Best Hosted PBX Service

With Unite Hosted PBX, you get more than your average VoIP phone service. As part of our standard package you’ll find many of the advanced features other providers make you pay extra for (or don’t offer at all). Standard features include call forwarding, three-way calling, name/number display and voicemail. You can also make and receive phone calls on your desktop telephone or using a mobile app on web enabled devices wherever you are. Plus, there’s no unnecessary service calls, no hassle and no waiting if something goes wrong. Simply call our 24/7 support services for a solution to any problem you may have with your current services.

Highly Efficient

The modern small business owner is a busy person. On any given day, they could be strategizing at their desk, visiting suppliers or meeting clients. With Unite Hosted PBX, you can reroute your calls to any device you want so you can stay connected whether you’re at the office, on the go or at home. You’ll also get voicemail delivered to your email and a personal fax number that converts every fax you receive to a PDF that’s sent to your email.

Automation is Key

For even more convenience, add Unite Virtual Attendant to your package. You’ll get an automated attendant that can direct callers to the appropriate department and take messages for you. To learn more about Unite Hosted PBX, contact us today at 1-877-UNITE ME (864-8363) or visit

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We’ve recently transferred our business telephone services from one of the big telecom companies to Unite. I have to admit – we were nervous to switch to a small company after only dealing with ‘Big Telecom’ for decades. All I can say is that I wish we had switched over to Unite years ago! Every communication and dealing I’ve had with them (in several different departments) has been amazing. It feels exactly like dealing with a local business where they care about you as a client, offer a good quality service/product at reasonable rates and have competent, smart people working for them.

Sarah Giovannone

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I wish I had found Unite sooner. We were using Rogers all these years with nothing but problems. The hold times trying to get service was just unbearable. A friend recommended Unite and I’m so glad they did. Cheaper than both Rogers and Bell with so many more options. Switching over was a breeze. I highly recommend Unite Communications for your business.

Mike Goldlist

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Other than the quick customer services and reasonable pricing, we were much impressed with the website design, too. Before we switched over from Bell to Unite, we were very hesitated and gone to a number of websites to check out their SNR services.
Once we saw the Unite site, all our concerns regarding the switch-over were answered: plain and simple. we called and the customer representative was very knowledgeable, reassuring and friendly.
Since then, we have a few special requests and these were answered promptly and great suggestions were provided. We would and have referred Unite to a few of our friends/vendors.

Porter Fine Printing Limited

I’ve been with Unite for over 2 years. I work in Account services, setting up clients with new business tools such as Unite Hosted PBX, Conferencing and Virtual Attendant. I also work with internal teams to ensure all customer requirements are met. My Operations background is an advantage because I’m able to help our customers immediately. I love introducing our clients to new products that assist them in improving communications with their clients. My goal is always to ensure the process runs smooth on both sides. Happy customers are my best measure of success. I’m Margarita Asatrian and I work at Unite.

Margarita Asatrian

Account Manager

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I have been on the Unite team for over 14 years. Watching the company evolve and grow into one of Canada’s fastest growing companies (2 years in a row) is a privilege and a source of pride. In addition to sales support, I work with customers to make sure the onboarding process is organized and efficient. I continue to support our clients as their needs also evolve and grow. I believe the team, and how we work together to ensure we offer the best product and service, is the primary reason for our organic growth. 


One of things I like best about Unite is that it’s 100% home grown. We are Canadian owned and operated. At a time when many companies were letting go of staff (or exporting jobs to foreign markets) we were growing and creating jobs at home. It makes me happy to be a continuing part of it.


I’m Christine Nicoll, and I work at Unite. Visit us at

Christine Nicoll

Client Services Manager

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I am a Customer Service Specialist for Unite. I have been a part of the team for over two years. Having the ability to make someone’s day makes my job very satisfying. A positive customer service experience and happy customers influence the attitudes of my entire team. My job is important and my role is key to the team’s success.

Giving my full attention to the customers and their concerns is the best tool I use to respond to an issue or circumstance in a timely manner. When customers observe a quick response time, it shows our respect and commitment to the customer’s time. I love to see the customers happy by being able to solve their problems.

Working for a company with continued growth gives me a lot of peace of mind. I look forward to watching Unite grow. I am fortunate to be a part of this growing company.

I’m Marta Woszczyna, and I work at Unite.

Marta Woszczyna

Client Services Specialist

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I have been on the Unite team for over 2 years as a Business Development Manager – responsible for helping customers find solutions to understand and solve their business telecom challenges. Customers are often surprised how easy it is for us to streamline their telecommunications with affordable, flexible and reliable alternatives. We are able to customize a solution for each customer, making the experience both personable and actionable. Unite is a great place to work. Looking forward to implementing and sharing our next iteration of projects. I’m Jeremy Rozen, I work at Unite.

Jeremy Rozen

Business Development

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As a Business Development Associate for Unite, I work with potential and existing customers to demonstrate products and answer their questions. I believe strong communication skills, excellent customer service skills, relationship management skills and an in-depth knowledge of Unite’s products or services are the best tools to be successful. Most of the time, I continue to be the main point of contact even after the final purchase is made. When this happens, I know I have done right by the customer. I am a people person, when the customer is happy, I am very happy. 
Our products and services make it easy to continue to assist customers. I help assess any current business constraints and will introduce the customer to relevant services that can have a large impact on productivity. Unite also provides me with a lot of flexibility. We don’t just sell Unite services – we use them. This allows me to work from the cottage when I need a break from the city. I have a central office, wherever I am. This flexibility has made a positive impact on me both professionally and personally.
Working for a company that I believe in and believes in me is awesome. I am Margaret Sutton, and I work at Unite.

Margaret Sutton

Business Development Associate